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Are you the owner or manager of a small to medium sized business who is considering creating a web presence? Maybe you just want to give your existing web site a face-lift; by creating easier navigation or pages that download quicker? Perhaps you are interested in having a web site that is designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind?

HatchWorks can create a visually appealing web site with easy to follow navigation and quick page downloads, which are essential for keeping your visitors interested. And, since HatchWorks web sites are hand coded with HTML and CSS, your site will be streamlined for search engine optimization.


Have an Existing Site That Needs Some Work?

HatchWorks can work with your existing website and make updates for you, we can work with many content management systems, and we specialize in Wordpress websites. Whether you want to add a few pages, adjust some content, change the look and feel, or want to re-work the entire site, just let us know.


Site Navigation

Web site navigation is a very crucial aspect of your web site. Not only should your content be easy to find for your visitors, but also for search engines. If your web site is not visitor friendly then you most likely are losing out on potential customers, not to mention search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will have a harder time finding your site. HatchWorks web sites are designed with easy to follow navigation for both visitors and search engines.


Is Your Website Mobile ⁄ Tablet Friendly?

Google now will rank your site based on whether it has a mobile-friendly design. If your website is more than a few years old chances are you need to update your site. Our websites include responsive design so your site will look great on any size tablet and mobile device. If your website does have a mobile-friendly design then you are loosing visitors and potential customers..


Web Site Content

Along with having a well designed web site you need strong relevant content. You most likely don't just want web site visitors, you want customers! Your web site content needs to be compelling and informative. What does your web site offer visitors? Does the opening content engage visitors and get them interested in your business? You can have the best looking web site in your industry, and even get top rankings in search engines; but if your site doesn't convert visitors to customers then you may want to consider reworking your web content or hiring a professional to create your marketing content.



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